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Lambton Road Medical Practice

at 1 Lambton Road, London SW20 0LW | t: 020 3883 5900 | f: 020 8946 2627 | e: Merccg.correspondenceH85051@nhs.net


Please see our new policies in line with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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0208 946 2627

The Lambton Road Medical Practice Newsletter | Issue 6 (March 2018) ( posted on Mar 29, 2018 )

Please click here to download a copy of our latest practice newsletter including information on our new website, NHS Health Checks, travel vaccines and blood testing.




The Merton Expert Patients Programme is a free, self-management course that supports people living with, or caring for someone with, one or more long-term health and/or mental health conditions.  The course(s) offers a tool-kit of techniques to enable you to manage your condition better on a daily basis, by increasing your confidence and quality of life. Each course consists of 12 to 16 people and are led by tutors who have long-term conditions themselves. To attend a course you must either live, work or be registered with a GP in Merton.”


For more information please click here or to get in touch with the team please call 0208 812 6740 or 020 3668 1280



Did you know we offer automated appointment booking? ( posted on Oct 24, 2017 )




Our automated appointment booking system allows patients to book, amend and cancel appointments during and outside our usual operating hours. To access it, call us as usual on 020 3883 5900 and key Option 1 on the menu.


To ensure complete privacy and confidentiality for the booking of appointments, the system uses two checks. The system will only accept bookings and cancellations if you are calling from a phone number already known to the practice and registered on the system. If you are calling from another telephone, including a work phone or someone else's mobile, you are likely to encounter problems. This will happen because the second stage of checking is to match your date of birth and your phone number as registered by the Practice.

After pressing Option 1 for Automated Booking, you will be asked to enter your Year of birth using 4 numbers (e.g. 1963 or 1999) and Month of Birth using 2 numbers (e.g. 05 for May, 11 for November) and your Day of Birth using 2 numbers, (e.g. 07 for the 7th of the month, 18 for the 18th of the month). You will then be given a list of available appointments.

If the line goes quiet or it seems as though the call has suddenly disconnected at any point during this process, the system has encountered an error. This could be owing to a number of issues, including a conflict between two patients simultaneously trying to book the same appointment, but is most commonly due to a mismatch between the number the caller is calling from and the number held for that caller on our system.


In any case, DO NOT HANG UP! Even if the line appears to be inactive, you will be automatically transferred to our reception team’s call queue within 40 seconds (the system’s developers are actively working to reduce this wait time).

Currently only GP appointments are on offer via automated booking. We aim to include a variety of other appointment types, including blood tests and smears, in the near future.

If you have any problems accessing automated booking, please consider emailing MERCCG.correspondenceH85051@nhs.net with your name, the telephone number you called from and the time at which you made the call; the system has a comprehensive monitoring and reporting facility and we will be able to investigate any issues which may arise promptly.


FLU CAMPAIGN 2017-18 ( posted on Oct 24, 2017 )



The flu vaccine is offered free of charge on the NHS to people who are at risk. This is to ensure they are protected against catching flu and developing serious complications.

You are eligible to receive a free flu jab if you:



NEW FOR OCTOBER 2017 ( posted on Oct 24, 2017 )



From 1st October 2017 we will be trialling same day online children's appointments which will be released at 7am for patients to book for their child (under 16) to see a clinician. If you are interested but are not set up for online access please present at reception with photographic ID and a member of our reception team can arrange this for you.


We are also introducing online cervical smear bookings with the Practice Nurse.  If you are due a cervical smear test you can book via the app or online on the patient access website.  Again, if you do not currently have access please bring along photo ID and a member of our reception team can arrange this for you.

Welcome to Lambton Road Medical Practice ( posted on Oct 24, 2017 )




We welcome new patients to join our Practice. It is helpful if you can bring proof of your address and proof of ID with you when you register.


The Lambton Road Medical Practice Newsletter | Issue 5 (October 2017) ( posted on Oct 23, 2017 )

Please click here to download a copy of our latest newsletter.

The Lambton Road Medical Practice Newsletter | Issue 4 (July 2017) ( posted on Jul 20, 2017 )

Click here for our latest newsletter, including information on our telephone system, travel and appointments.

Raynes Park Bereavement Service ( posted on Apr 6, 2017 )

The Raynes Park Bereavement Service offers a free and confidential one to one service and is available for anyone who is bereaved. They can meet you at Lambton Road Medical Centre. Contact the Co-ordinator on 07914 263420 or at raynesparkbereavement@gmail.com. They can usually meet with you within 10 days. The service is sponsored by Christ Church, West Wimbledon.

( posted on Oct 6, 2016 )

CARE QUALITY COMMISSION REPORT - Lambton Road Medical Practice


On 12th April 2016, Lambton Road Medical Practice had an inspection by the Care Quality Commission. The overall rating for the Practice was "Good."

Please find a link to the summary and report below:



The Lambton Road Medical Practice Newsletter | Issue 3 (September 2016) ( posted on Sep 28, 2016 )

Click here to download our latest surgery newsletter, with information on appointments, flu, online services and our new phone system. 

Patient Access Appointments - May 2016 ( posted on May 4, 2016 )

For the month of May, we will be trialling a new system with regards to online booking appointments. A number of appointments will be released at 7am over the course of the month for patients to book using their patient access accounts. Appointments will be available to those who are set up for patient access, with a selection of these being dedicated children slots. Those who wish to set up a patient access account are able to do so at reception but please be aware that photo ID will be required.

The Lambton Road Medical Practice Newsletter | Issue 1 (Apr. 2016) ( posted on Apr 21, 2016 )

Click here to download our inaugural surgery newsletter, with information on appointments, prescriptions, carers and online services.

Health Help Now (Free app for Merton residents) ( posted on Apr 11, 2016 )

Whatever the time, wherever you are, find the right service in Merton for you.


The Health Help Now app has been designed to help patients find the right treatment and advice for their needs. Users will be able to select their symptom or need and then locate their closest service based on the recommendation made by local GPs, paramedics, psychiatrists, hospital doctors and other health professionals. The app offers a wide range of advice for common symptoms in all age groups as well as phone numbers for several helplines.

The Health Help Now web app is available at www.healthhelpnow-nhs.net and is free to anyone who lives and works in Merton. For smartphone users, it can be downloaded from Apple's App Store as well as from the Google Play Store.

Named, accountable GPs for all patients ( posted on Mar 31, 2016 )

You may be aware that, under the terms of the most recent GP Contract, all GP Practices are now required to provide their patients with a 'named, accountable GP'.




All patients registered with Lambton Road Medical Partners, including children, have a named GP reflected in their clinical record. We have allocated our patients, where possible, to doctors that they have most recently seen. In cases where patients have not been seen or the previous ‘usual GP’ is no longer with us, we have allocated patients more randomly to ensure a more even distribution across the Practice. 




We have been notifying you of the GP that you have been allocated in  letters that you may have received, as well as via prescriptions, text messages and to your email if we have those details. You may also be informed when you contact us or during a consultation.




You can change your named GP if you wish to once you have been informed. Let us know and we will organise for this to be amended - so long as it is agreed by the Practice that your preference is suitable.




Please note that this is for administrative purposes and does NOT prevent you from seeing any GP of your choice in the practice as you currently do now. You are unlikely to see any notable change in the way care is delivered to you by us. 










GP Practice earnings 2014/15 ( posted on Mar 30, 2016 )

All GP practices are required to declare the mean earnings (e.g. average pay) for GPs working to deliver NHS services to patients at each practice for 2014/15.


The average pay for GPs working Lambton Road Medical Practice in the last financial year was £41,489.00.10 before tax and National Insurance.  This is for 4 full time GPs, 7 part time GPs and 2 locum GPs who worked in the practice for more than six months.



Patient Bookable Telephone Consultations ( posted on Dec 21, 2015 )

Patients are  able to book telephone consultations online through their patient access accounts.  Please also ensure that your contact details are up to date.

Local Services for Older People ( posted on Nov 10, 2015 )

We are delighted to inform you that a new booklet for our patients over 65 has been created by our very own Patient Participation Group. It collates knowledge of a wide variety of groups here in the SW19/SW20 area that you may find of interest and is now available on our 'Our Documents' page.

Think! Why A&E? ( posted on Mar 5, 2015 )

That is the message from local doctors, as a new campaign to raise public awareness of the different NHS services available to local residents launches.

Developed in partnership with NHS Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, it encourages people to choose the right NHS service for them and their families according to their symptoms.


The aim is to remind local people that A&E is not for common health problems associated with the colder weather but for critical or life-threatening emergencies.


Many people attend emergency service departments with minor ailments which could be better treated elsewhere. This can put extra demands on already pressured emergency departments, particularly during the winter period.


Visit www.WhyAandE.nhs.uk for more information.

The Silver Line - The free, 24 hour, confidential helpline for older people ( posted on Jan 20, 2015 )

Set up by Dame Esther Rantzen a year ago, this helpline for the elderly has received over 300,000 calls since its inception. Its principal aim is to allow elderly people with few friends or family to overcome their isolation by having the opportunity to talk to someone. We highly recommend this service to our elderly patients and also to others perhaps thinking of some voluntary work.


The number to call is 0800 4 70 80 90.

Pertussis (Whooping Cough) ( posted on Apr 22, 2014 )

There have been three infant deaths with confirmed pertussis infection in 2014. All three deaths have occurred within London and in infants whose mothers were not vaccinated during pregnancy.


If you are between 28-38 weeks of pregnancy, you are eligible for and entitled to vaccination against pertussis.

The pertussis vaccination programme for pregnant women has been active since 1 October 2012 and has been shown to be very safe and effective in protecting babies against serious disease until they can have their first vaccine at two months of age. The vaccination also protects the mother who cannot then infect her baby.

A study of 20,000 vaccinated women by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency found no evidence of risks to pregnancy and the vaccine is routinely offered during pregnancy in the United States and New Zealand.

For more information about pertussis and innoculating yourself against it, click here. If you are eligible, call the surgery on 020 3668 1999 to arrange an appointment with a Practice Nurse.

Hoax cancer email ( posted on Mar 17, 2014 )

A hoax email telling people that they may have cancer has been sent to thousands of people across the UK.

The messages are presented as though they are from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) but the organisation's Chief Executive, Sir Andrew Dillon, has warned that the malicious emails are a hoax and have been reported to the police.

NICE are advising people who have received the email (which carries the subject line "Important blood analysis result") to delete it without opening it and not to click on any links.

Need advice? ( posted on Mar 6, 2014 )

Beginning March 18, a Citizens Advice Bureau advisor will be at Lambton Road Medical Practice every Tuesday between 1pm and 4pm to help with problems concerning:


- Benefits

- Debt and money

- Housing

- Work

- Goods and services

- Discrimination


To make an appointment, please call 020 8715 0678.

care.data medical records download ( posted on Oct 7, 2013 )



The Health and Social Care Act 2012 legally requires GPs to release electronic medical records of all registered patients, in an identifiable form, to a new central records database called care.data. The records will contain all coded data about you, but no free text. It will include your NHS number, so you could be easily identified from it if it fell into the wrong hands. After processing, we are told that the identifiable information will be removed, but we have to take Ministers' and Civil Servants' word for this.


We regard this as a serious and unnecessary breach of patient confidentiality and we have insufficient confidence in the security of this system. However as a GP practice we are legally obliged to provide this information in the next few weeks UNLESS you object. 


If you object to your personal, identifiable medical records leaving the practice, you must inform reception immediately.

MMR Catch Up campaign ( posted on May 1, 2013 )

Children aged 10-16 who have not been vaccinated against measles will be contacted as part of a new vaccination catch-up campaign, due to the emerging epidemic of measles.

Please see the NHS Choices information page regarding this.


If your child has not had 2 MMR injections, please avoid the rush and make an appointment now.

Our New Website ( posted on Dec 4, 2012 )

Welcome to our new GP Website, we hope you find it useful.


The Lambton Road Medical Practice opened as a new venture on 25th March 2013. We were formed by the merger of two long established GP practices, namely Pepys and Durham Rd surgeries.


Our new purpose-built premises are state of the art and we will deliver NHS primary care to our patients on the first floor of the Raynes Park Health Centre.


We welcome our colleagues from Kingston Hospital, who have joined us on the ground floor to provide NHS outpatients, a range of services including antenatal, ultrasound and phlebotomy, which will be available to all patients registered with a Merton GP. Please see their website (www.kingstonhospital.nhs.uk ) for further details.


In addition, we welcome St Anthony's Hospital who are in the final stages of decoration on the second floor and look to providing private out-patients to all patients in the near future. Please see their website (www.stanthonys.org.uk ).


Finally we look to the arrival of the fourth member of our team on the top floor, who will provide a range of complementary services including pilates and physiotherapy to complete the holistic range of care available in the health centre.

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